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a canceled poem

i log on—
everyone is raging:
a new person is being canceled.

a scientist discovered
an inconvenient truth,
or “hate fact”
as it’s now called.

a scientist,
who standing on the border
between the known
and the unknown,
tried to expand our knowledge
to make the world a better place.

looking into the abyss of the unknown,
focusing solely on the search for truth,
not bothering about anything else,
he got what one would expect:
a bullet
right into the back of his head
with the words
“political correctness”
engraved on it.

was he the last?
the last brave enough?
the last stupid enough?

the masses are cheering.
i refrain from posting
and log off
to read
the apology of socrates
in preparation
for my coming thought-crime.